RMG Solid Color

We are the color.. The ART.. We are what your customers see and feel. ART is more than words, it is what someone can touch, the interface of your online business and your digital presence. We are that inner feeling that your consumer has when they check out. We bring your product to life, we are the Reality. Partnered with SFG, we bring your product full circle and create the best of both worlds.

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State of the Art

We design with the new world in mind. Design and layout is always changing and you want your company to be up to date with the look and feel of today. Let’s make that a Reality!

look and feel

You will leave us with a state of the art website, strategy, and more. We make sure that your collateral and digital storefront look amazing and each and every person who is in contact with your product knows it is something special.


We are the black and white. We are the TECH.. We are a team of highly skilled digital consultants who create value through innovative technical, marketing and operational solutions. We’ve made some key partnerships with software and solutions providers that enable our consultancy to integrate and implement strategic and tailored solutions for our clients. Partnered with Reality Marketing Group, we are the ARTciTECHs


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Business Tech

Technology helps with scaling businesses and ventures. We specialize in leveraging our design and development expertise to create tools that will enable a business to reach their goals.


We create value to our clients through exploring their true needs and creating strategic plans around where they are and where they wish to go. Our team has experience with various platforms and processes to help them scale.


Adress: 1 South Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801


Phone 1: (321) 336-6908

Phone 2: (407) 538-2570